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OT: Thomas-Rasset vs. RIAA

Hi folks

I just read in disbelief:
"A federal jury Thursday found a 32-year-old Minnesota woman guilty of 
illegally downloading music from the Internet and fined her $80,000 each 
-- a total of $1.9 million -- for 24 songs."

Ok, it was probably stupid of her to pretend she did not download 
anything. But still - with 2Mio.$ there is something terribly wrong here...

In recent years, I kind of felt inclined to buy less and less major label 
music. I often prefer to get music from people I know personally or I see 
on gigs, most of them are not major label. There is a lot of Indie music 
out there to keep me happy for quite a while.
It seems to me that major labels are forgetting one important thing: It's 
supposed to be FUN to buy & listen your favorite music. But I don't enjoy 
it so much anymore with all these stories...

I won't be reading any mails this week-end - still, felt like writing 
this. Am I the only one who finds these news disturbing?

best regards
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