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Gear for sale: EH, Line 6, Electrix etc.

HI all-

I've been off the list for quite sometime but was a longtime member years ago (i have the first 2 t-shirts to proove it!)

I'm getting ready to post a significant amount of gear on ebay but thought maybe some of you would be interested in it first. Most of it i'm listing as "best offer" so feel free to make one. i'm taking pictures and getting it ready to go up tonight or tomorrow morning.

if anyone is interested please contact me off list-

nick schillace
248)391-4545 (detroit)

Line 6 Filter Pro (no manual/box) 150 or Best offer
Line 6 Echo Pro (manual/box) 350 B/O
Electrix Mo-FX (manual/box) 150 B/O
Electrix Filter Factory 200 B/O
Lexicon Vortex (manual,FS, expression pedal, no box) 150 B/O
original Electro Harmonix POG (box, manual) 200 B/O
Electro Harmonix Holiest Grail (box, manual) 250 B/o
Behringer 16 Channel Eurorack MX 2642A (box,manual) 200 B/O
Rocktron G612 Line Mixer (super rare, needs inputs cleaned,no box/manual) 150 B/O
MOTU 2408 MKII with PCI 324 AND PCI 424 (works with G5) (manual,box) 250 B/O