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It’s very sad to hear of the passing of Ali Akbar Khan, Though I never had the privilege of studying with him, I know several musicians who have, and the level of respect and love they had for the man was unparalleled. He was a genius musician who devoted his life to sharing his knowledge, and fostering the creativity and genius in others.  There is a lovely record I used to own, he did with the late sax player John Handy that has the most lyrical playing, and both musicians play with such sweet tone, and sensitivity. I can’t even remember the name of the album but I can still hear and play some of the melodies from it.  Anyone know which record I’m talking about? I was reading the San Francisco Chronicle Obituary today that his father , and Sarod master/ teacher) at some point in his tutelage gave him the title Swara Samrat, which means Emperor of Melody.

Indeed he was.

 Namaste  Khansahib