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Re: RC-50 multiple outputs?

Hi Alex

first of all, welcome to LD :)

You have the following possibilities with the RC-50:
- Input Aux/Mic/Instr > Phrase 1,2,3 Left/Right
- Phrase 1,2,3 Left/Right > Output Main/Aux Left/Right

The Inputs are quite obvious, simply adjust the levels.
You can define for each Phrase (Loop), if it will be played via Output 
Main,Aux or both. You need to go into the PATCH/PHRASE settings for this.

The only way to "split" your loop into different parts is to:
- either use different PHRASES that are linked i.e. Main Out (vox,keys), 
Aux Out (Guitar)
- if you are working mono, use Left/Right to split the signal

Esp. splitting Left/Right is a good idea. You may need to be careful with 
the signal levels, however. Also, what is a real pity on the RC-50 is that 
you cannot pan the MIC INPUT on the RC-50. So you'd probably want to use a 
small mixer for all your inputs: i.e. pan your guitar hard LEFT, pan 
vox/keys hard right and send them through Instrument Input to the RC-50.

best regards

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