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OT Olympus LS-10 PCM stereo recorder

I truly love my Olympus digital recorder and
just stumbled on this amazing deal on them that I thought I'd pass on to 
you all.
I've never seen them sold so inexpensivelyl.


Personally,  I think this unit trumps the M Audio and the Zoom in the 
similar price category.
It has an onboard 2 gig harddrive which is enough for an hour of 24/96k 
recording at a concert
and it takes flash cards up to 16 gigs.  Onboard microphones are 
excellent and also accepts line in stereo.  It's really easy to use
and it's ruggedly built and small (fits in your pocket).
I can't say enough good things about it and I was stoked to find it 
online for $350.

They're selling them for $300 currently.   That's a steal for what it is.