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Re: dual FX processors

At 8:40 AM +0900 6/24/09, Mech wrote:
>At 11:27 PM +0000 6/23/09, L.Angulo wrote:
>>Hi gang,
>>is there a 19 rack dual FX proccesor in other words 2 different 
>>effect proccesors in one,like having 2 different half rack ones to 
>>use as a pre and post FX?
>Ensoniq DP/4 will do that.  I think its little brother -- the DP/2 
>-- will as well if you can live with only 3 inputs.
>I seem to remember a similar Kawai unit from the 90's too, but I 
>can't find any information on it just now.

Also, Digitech Studio Quad and Fostex DE-1 (only mono inputs, though).

I've no actual hands-on with either of those units, though, so all 
standard disclaimers apply.

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