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FS: Vox Tonelab SE and Boss FV-1

I was mentioning my Boss VF-1 today and it occurred to me that it's
been mostly unused for the last few years.  Sad, but I'm so deep into
VSTlandia (wouldn't this be a good place for Per to live? ;) ) that I
just don't need it. I was also hanging on to my Vox Tonelab SE too for
when I ran out of CPU cycles (I'm mostly using amplitube these days)
The truth is with my new box I'm just going to use it even less, or
not at all.

Boss VF-1 $160 shipped to the continental US

Vox Tonelab SE: $260 shipped to the continental US (I have an extra
power supply for it too)

$400 gets them both!  They're a great pair (that's how I used them)

Both have been lovingly cared for and have spent their time mostly in
my smoke free home studio.  Many here can vouch for me.  I'm even nice