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New to the Group

Greetings from Emeryville California.

I’m a long time looper, just getting started on the mailing list. I’ve been looping for a long time but have recently decided to make it the focus of my performances. Too much trouble with band members. The boxes always show up for rehearsal sober. I’ve been using a boomerang for many years and have just added an Echoplex. I’m a guitar synth player and use a GR-1,GR-33,VG-8 and a VG-99.


I’m looking to collect hints on the Echoplex so far mine or its foot controller seem flaky but I’m loving all the features. Also checking to see what I might have missed mixing, routing and switching. I have learned a few tricks over the years to share in return.


I’ve got a bunch of music and videos posted on the net: