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Re: How to go all Software with guitar multieffector and looper

that is really interesting because my experience was exactly the  
opposite! I tried live and it seemed sort awkward and complicated but  
in Bidule all I had to do was place an effect. drag a couple of lines  
to it, drag a few more to mobius, drag a line from the midi device to  
mobius and I had a fully functional effect system and a looper. Of  
course it is infinitly modular and you can do some crazy stuff with  
it.... but mostly I keep it pretty simple.

Paul Haslem
Ontario, Canada

Quoting Mark Sottilaro <zerocrossing@gmail.com>:

> It's more laziness on my account.  Live is like a fully formed machine
> that you can make settings in, but it's fairly static.  Bidule is like
> a box of legos that's nothing until you start putting blocks together.
>  It's a totally modular environment.  More flexible, I'm sure but Live
> appealed to my "here's a paradigm you already know" mind. For me, I
> don't really want anything all that crazy.  I haven't found a thing
> that I want that Live doesn't have built in and easily accessed.