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Yeah, it's really too bad that there's no also a single-device solution 
for a stereo amp simulator to go along with this device.

Sure, it's possible to hook up a couple of Sans Amp pedals (either the 
"Classic" or a pair of somethings from the new "Character" series) but 
then again we're adding more devices, their wal-wart power supplies and 
multiplying the mess of spaghetti on the floor to the point of 

However, a couple of Sans Amp pedals is better than toting a couple of 

We'll see what I wind up with.

But one thing is for sure, I'm not playing with the big rig anymore 
where there is not plenty of time to set it up beforehand and then a 
real proper sound check long before performance time - too many 



On Jun 27, 2009, at 10:14 PM, Mark Sottilaro wrote:

> It would stand to reason that the M13 wouldn't replace an amp modeler
> as it seems like a congolmeration of all their stompbox modelers and a
> bit more in one big box.  Kind of a cool concept, I have to say I
> liked some of the sounds I got out of the fuzzbox modeler when I had
> it (run in the send of my Vox Tonelab SE) and my favorite parts of Pod
> Farm (kind of a software Pod) are the effects.