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Hey Ted,

I keep hearing people say that the new Adrenalinn has really good
amp simulations in it.   On top of that,  it's famed for having very
cool filter effects.

I don't actually have experience with it,  but I've read that the
amp simulations are good in several different electronic music,
guitar and production forums online.

Also,  this may be a bit naive coming from someone who only plays
at being a guitar player,  but I just love my little 5 watt , battery
powered VOX amplifier.

I just bought a second one.   At low volumes it sounds really good and 
are cool amp simulations from clean tweeds to heavily overdriven marshalls
and a fair amount of onboard effects.

It's amazing for something that can be had on line for between $100 and 
On top of that,  it's incredibly small and lightweight.

I'm loving setting it up at exactly guitar height after all of my stomp
box pedals,  micing it and putting the mic through my Looperlative.

You can get wicked manipulation of feedback this way and at very low 

I kind of pride myself on being the quietest noise artist in the scene
these days.......lol.

I had to have a red one, so I'm going to sell my initial blue one
for $80 plus shipping if anyone is interested.