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Re: Composition & Improvisation- the fatal moment of playback

sorry Bill, didn't mean to pick on you,

just happens that your performances always seem to be well liked
and admired.

Thanks for bringing some more thoughts about the issue.
Indeed I remember you were getting disillusioned with
you Repeater based setup....however don't forget that
for the audience it was still new and exciting.

Incidentally, do you still have "the tapes" from the 2005 Big Sur gig?
( I thought your set there was particularly fine) 


William Walker wrote:
> ď...and of course,  I heard Bill Walker express his unfounded misgivings 
> after every performance I saw ;-)

> Thatís because everything I do sucks Ass!
> Actually Andy, in 2005 at the Zurich fest and later at Y2K5 I was 
> becoming bored with what I was doing and limited by the Repeaterís 
> quirks and low internal memory, finicky CFC issues etc. 

> That being said Iím as happy and inspired as I have ever been 
> making music, 

>and looking forward to Y2K8.

spoken as a true looper

>  The journey is the destination.
> Bill