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Re: MIDI foot controllers

Rainer Straschill wrote:
> Jim,
> if cheap and small are the main requirements, why not look at
> something like this:
> http://gamingmouse.com/weapon.php?pid=31
> This gives you four buttons for $59 via USB, and those buttons can be
> mapped to keyboard commands (which in turn can trigger Mobius stuff).
> So you could use that for the "realtime critical" functions and switch
> between different mappings using scripts and keys on your keyboard (or
> buttons on the floor thing), like this:
> Setup 1
> Record/Overdub, Mulitply, Mute, switch to setup 2
> Setup 2
> Rate Shift Advance (which with the proper rate shift sequence will
> work as halfspeed), Reverse, Next Loop, switch to setup 1
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Hi loopers
And thanks for this link, Rainer; Fragpedal has arrived safely here in 
London after a couple of helpful e-mail exchanges (oh, & money too).
All I've got to do now is figure out some scripts......
Oh & how mobius works (since I'm not familiar with EDP).
JamMan (playing up), TimeMachine (now defunct), DL-8 (hmmm), & faithful 
Arion DDS-4 are my bunch of junk, plus a guitar & Sony GP5. Looks like I 
might be looking for a laptop soon....
Currently lurking on Zonemobius at Yahoo groups for pearls of wisdom!
Dave Draper