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RE: Guitar Rig 1.1 pedal anyone?

Doesn't the guitar rig pedal have inputs for an expression pedal? Plug your volume pedal in there and try it out, Expression pedals usually have stereo jacks on them tho). The midi, (or equivlent control data) gets in to your computer via usb.
I think...


> From: mp@mpeters.de
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: Guitar Rig 1.1 pedal anyone?
> Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 13:21:37 +0200
> I use an old Guitar Rig 1 version in my current setup, a copy of an original
> that a friend owns but never used. He still has the pedal too and could give
> it to me. Right now it seems I need a midi volume pedal - but the Guitar Rig
> pedal only has regular guitar jacks and does not seem to work as a midi
> pedal. How does it work anyway? does anyone use it or remember it? I didn't
> have a chance to try it yet.
> About the midi volume pedal that I need, I have a volume pedal that I can
> use as a volume control inside of Bidule but it is a regular volume pedal
> with a regular jack, and works only in combination with my PMC10 midi
> controller which recognizes it and turns it into a midi signal. I am
> currently thinking of leaving the PMC10 at home when going to Y2K9 because
> it is so large - if I do that I will have to control loops manually with the
> Nanokontrol, and I can't use my volume pedal then. I'm thinking of getting
> another volume pedal that can be connected directly into midi, e.g. as a
> midi in into my Axon ... and because I also use Guitar Rig I thought maybe
> that Guitar Rig pedal can be used as a volume controller not only for Guitar
> Rig but also for other sound sources such as midi instruments.
> I hope this doesn't sound too confusing :) maybe I'm a little confused
> myself.
> -Michael

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