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Re: Korg sampler: perhaps a looper too?

Matt want.

No pitch wheel, but there are 2 assignable fx dials, and one of the fx
is pitch bend. Hopefully Korg is smart enough to make it a 'true'
pitch bend, and not the 'real-time' pitch bend that's on the Kaoss

real-time pitch bend is one of my favorite effects, but a true pitch
bend (as if the sample is a tape played at different speeds) would be
much better.

Matt Davignon
Rigs! www.youtube.com/user/ribosomematt

On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 1:18 AM, Ruelle Benoit <benoitruelle@yahoo.fr> 
> Hello;
> http://www.korg.com/Product.aspx?pd=559
> It's still not clear from the video and specs if the sampled sounds can 
> looped directly after sampling or not.
> But it has (some of) the KP3 looper effects and can resample, so there's
> hope ;-)
> Ben.