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AW: Midi mixers (was Alesis Multimix 8 Line. 1u mixer for looping.

> But what kind of problem do you mean? The Ultralite is just
> receiving
> and forwarding midi info, it's not generating midi clock. I
> can't
> imagine that sending and forwarding midi data can cause
> serious
> problems when syncing external gear unless there's a bug in
> the
> firmware causing delays in the midi transmission.

yes,to start with i could not beleive that i could not simply change 
program changes from my FBC1010 midi out to the Ultralite midi in and out 
to my Adrenalinn,it was really flaky sometimes it would and i would have 
to stomp several times on the button and other times it just wouldnt.No 
probelms however throguh my presonus or my EDP dont ask me why!

> Regarding the Ultralite menu, you don't need these if you
> have your
> laptop with you: the Cuemix software is the tool to use
> and. But if
> case you want to change a parameter on stage or use the
> Ultralite
> standalone, you can use the menu and knobs if you want to.

yes i worked with its software as well but when im looping and have my 
hands already busy i rather physically grab a knob quickly rather than 
searching for the mouse and clicking screens i guess ill never warm up to 
that playing live 
or perhaps im too ol school;-)

> For
> example, I use the main and phones volume knob...if I don't
> forget I
> have one ;-)

Ha,ha i remeber that one buddy;-))

 since I use software, these
> problems have
> been solved but I got other problems in return. Well,
> setting up a
> software looping rig simply takes more time than a hardware
> setup and
> you have to be an experienced user to get things working.
> But software
> has so many benefits for me that it has been worth the
> time.

Yes i agree, im quite happy using mobius as my looper,at the moment i feel 
just fine using the software strictly for looping and doing all the 
xternal effect stuff with hardware,i dont think i m ready to go all SW 
yet, the thoguth of it make me too nervous but the combination of both 
suits me well!