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Re: New to looping..

hi Stephen,

thanks for bring that up.

how do you create the first loop on the SoundBite?

Is it possible to just tap at the start and the end of a loop
just like a regular live looping device?

Is it true that the lengths in beats of each loop is fixed?


Stephen Scott wrote:
> Hi Tim, welcome to the the wonderful world of looping, and welcome to 
>the group.
> It does seem that using PC or Mac and appropriate software might well be 
>the way for you to go, most hardware loopers wouldn't do all you require.
> However, I will bring to your attention something that I have been using 
>as an important part of my livelooping set-up.  The RedSound Soundbite XL 
>is essentially just a loop-sampler (no overdubbing of any loop), but it 
>does allow 6 separate time related loops, all synced together nicely, 
>each one starting as soon as each loop is recorded.  Each loop can be 
>turned off, faded out, or reversed independently, and there is some nice 
>onboard filtering (unfortunately of all the loops en-masse).  The 'pro' 
>version has other features such as loop slicing, and the ability to 
>communicate with PC/MAC.  I have modified mine to give footswitch control 
>(not difficult).  
> It's pretty simple and rather deficient as a general purpose looper in 
>many areas, but you might want to consider this.
> Check out he manufacturers web site.
> http://www.redsound.com/products
> Stephen
> I have no affiliation with Redsound.
> 'Just another guitarist' ;)
> www.myspace.com/sylvianfisher