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Re: Just received my Boomerang III yesterday

From: Paul Richards <paulrichard_rocks@yahoo.com>
I think I may end up popping for the new 'Rang.

please get two and send me one.....:).....my mind is awash with loopy dreams......i NEED so many things, the rang lll has been on the list for a good while....."i loop you long time"......pre-rang needs:.... a new computer so i can make bofo videos and play in real time on the nertrino like all the kool cats.....a camera.....a new chair.....way too many things.....fear not though, i will help the world's depression by spending my meager gelt on a toy or two, someone's got to do it.....(this will only happen after they throw this pretty piece--o-man meat down on the cold slab and come at me with knives, this happens on friday, healthy legs are 74% of the battle).....i keep thinking that i must get ready to hunker down for the winter and become a bit productive as if i do not already have "life lurking" problems......if i hunker any deeper, i may disappear.....HEY, stop clapping in the back!.....:)m