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Re: buskers?

Here in NYC busking requires permits and you must be selected by the 
city... to do it  *legally* that is... ;-)

I've used looping in street performances and 'happenings' type events 
with a few performance arts organizations,
so it's not such an anonymous situation as pure busking.  I typically 
used a line 6 running on the "C" cell batteries and a borrowed 
battery powered amp (a Crate "Taxi"?)  The reactions have been 
remarkably positive.  Once on 9th street in the east village a guy 
started doing interpretive dances to my music, everyone thought it 
was part of the act... !!   He later got involved in several local 
dance organizations and is now a valued member of that community. 
It's nice to see that sort of thing happen.

The other day I saw a FANTASTIC  Reggae singer / guitarist in a 
subway station uptown using an RC-30 what a Voice he had...!   I wish 
I had gotten his name but my girlfriend was literally dragging me 
away because our train was arriving....