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Re: Mainstage looping rig screen/functionality design - post screen shots!

On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 1:50 PM, Buzap Buzap <buzap@gmx.net> wrote:
> Now when
> Pacman will come back to Mobius on the Mac I can't wish for more.
Stupid question: what the hell is actually Pacman

Mobius use a circular graphic radar with a rotating "playhead" to indicate loop playback. The speed of the rotating playhead is faster the shorter the loop is. On the Mac version these rotating indicators had to be changed for round bulbs that grow from a one pixel point into a full circle on one loop round. The Pacman is much better the The Bulb to give the musician a precise indication on when the loop is turning. Especially when you play with several parallel loops this is handy, because the linear global loop meter only shows the playing loop on the selected track - but with the Pacmans you see in just one glanze when all parallel loops will hit the downbeat.

 > It's in Mainstage 1 as well. Just a little less "smart".

It doesn't need so much time for setting up MIDI bindings and parameter bindings. There are lots of small enhancement in programming work flow, like for example that you can now select many objects and change a particular parameter value for them all. To me that typically is "smart".

> One more thing, Per:
> Do you also monitor the inputs or do you just watch over them via looper channels?

I'm not sure I correctly understand that, but I will try to answer what I assume it is about.

As for graphically monitoring the input signal I have not set up a meter for that in this new Mainstage 2 rig, for the reason I don't have a need for it because I trim the input level carefully at both the audio interface level and the Mainstage patch - and save those settings.

As for monitoring the input sound I do indeed monitor it through the active patch's effects. The patch channel strip is set to Bus 1 (which is also the bus Mobius looper on a software track is fetching its input from) and this Bus 1 is set to "Output: Main Output 1-2", which is the output I amplify by the house PA. So any sound input will be heard directly, although through patch effects.

As for Mobius preference parameter "Monitor Input" I do not use it, for the reason explained above.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen