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Boomerang V 2.0 or Mobius

Greg asked:
> I have an opportunity to buy a Bomerang for cheap, and I was ready to 
>get it when I read about people using Mobius and the Behringer fcb1010.
> [...]

I want to second Per's advice, perhaps with some more reasoning also
written down ;).

Mobius is an extremely powerful looper. Being based on one of the most
complex hardware loopers ever made (the EDP) and taking it to a new
level of complexity by combining eight stereo pairs of them with a
powerful scripting language, adding to that the necessary steps to get
it working in an environment requring signal routing in your computer
and programming a foot controller, it takes quite some time to get
going, especially for a newbie - and that may be a problem if
available time is an issue.

The simpler hardware boxes, however, grant you the possibility for
instant gratification. And while you work with the 'rang (or any other
basic piece of looping hardware), you'll quickly discover how you like
to work and consequently how to make the best use of Mobius in the

Good luck,


(dedicated Mobius user since 2006, having started with a Headrush and
a digitech RDS and still using a DD20 and a SMM a lot)