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Re: Great Quote about Looping by Brian Eno

For me and most of the artists/producers/engineers I know, records are never finished, they're abandoned. 

I think, for me, the beauty of what Eno is saying was well expressed by that country guy who said 'You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em.'

There is always self censoring to some degree or you're not a good musician.  Miles obviously was 'self censored' enough that he learned to play the trumpet like none before him.  Same, obviously for Prince and Picasso.

So I would guess Eno is thinking relatively, not absolutely.  

It is fun to go back to old work and figuring out what you were trying to say and finally nailing it.  

The fine line between self censoring and becoming better is all about knowing when to let it go.  For me, the final call is when it REALLY stops being fun.  

That's when I fold 'em... and either release it or let it incubate till another day... or decade...  

Inspiring post, Rick!  Thanks


On Jul 31, 2010, at 4:57 PM, Jeremy devros wrote:

I enjoy everyone's thoughts on this. I happen to love Eno's work and can appreciate what he's saying. I found it to be more about a humble confidence in one's work/abilities insofar as one can play/compose/record and be done without too much looking back. For me personally, I find my literary endeavors have a much greater degree of self censorship and/or editing. I will return to pieces written 25 years ago, thinking then they were perfect, and edit the hell out of them and THEN think they are perfect. Maybe I'll be re-visiting them again at 70 for another go around.

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> Subject: Great Quote about Looping by Brian Eno
> Derek Sivers who used to own CD Baby put up a wonderful
> site of quotations about music and art.
> http://musicthoughts.com/cat/1
> Amongst many others, I love this quote from Brian Eno.
> It encapsulates so much of why I love looped music and music that
> contains repetition.