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Re: EDP vs Looperlative

PC wrote:
> Thanks for all the info.
> I was able to locate a few similar threads going back a to a couple of 
> years ago. In one of those threads, Bob said that he thought the best 
> thing to do was to buy as many loopers as you can afford and start 
> playing with them.
> I like that advice ;-)

apart from wanting to keep 'em all in the rig :-)

My current setup is 2xEDP, LP1 and EH Stereo Memory Man.

They each have indispensable functions (although with
the SMM it's more that it's positioned pre the rest of rig
which makes it essential)

> I want to do--more song oriented than new agey soundscapey stuff...
> so songs with two or three distinct parts where I would have to mute a 
> few tracks and go into a chorus and then resurrect those tracks when I 
> go back to the verse or a bridge...
> I'm thinking of using a drum machine or sampled drum loops for some 

If you're using a drum machine/sample player for the consistent rhythm in 
the background
and want to flip between different loops each with fixed arrangement then 
the EDP's  a bit simpler to do that, and it's also very flexible as to how
you do it.
On EDP all the layers for one section will be overdubbed onto one loop, 
makes switchover dead easy.
...but it's just a look at the manual of 
the LP1 to see how to do similar, just a matter
of programming it's response (easy).

If you'd consider creating the rhythm loop live...and there's
many reasons to do that then the LP1 will allow you to keep your
rhythm loop going while changing sections.

If you want to be able to drop layers in and out during
the different sections then go for the LP1.

If you want stereo...LP1

andy butler 

> Philip