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Re: Re: Drum machine

toejampc@gmail.com wrote:
> I love the cheesy beats and analog sounds of the old Univoxes.
> No way to use anything like those, I guess.
Well, for what it's worth,   I have  20 pre-digital drum machines in my 
and I've collated a selection of good quality samples of all the major 
drum machine sounds
from history as well as hundreds of samples of other electronic and 
acoustic drums as well as percussion.    It's taken
me over 20 years to put this collection together and I sell a DVD of 
those sounds
for a mere $25 if anyone is interested.

With a phenomenal virtual drum machine (and DAW) like FL Studio Pro 
(formerly Fruity Loops)
you cannot own a better drum machine.

Let me know off list if anyone is interested in owning that collection.

Rick Walker