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Re: Drum machine (RZ-1)

I still love the old Casio RZ-1 sampling drum machines. (I have 2 of  
them) The "drum" sounds are a bit lackluster IMO, but those four, 1  
second sampling pads make up for it.
I have rarely used the "drum" sounds, but have gone to town with the  
sample pads. The RZ-1 also has midi in / out / thru and the midi out  
function also acts like a sort of "trigger" that automatically plays  
some notes on other midi kybds in the chain. You don't have any  
control over what those assigned notes will be, and have to work  
around that, but it can sometimes result in some interesting  
experiments and discoveries.  You can also slave the RZ-1 to an  
external sequencer and / or a kybd that has an internal sequencer  
and / arpeggiator and those will trigger drums / sample pads  
accordingly.  Also, all of the drum sounds and sample pads have their  
own separate volume controls and audio out 1/4" jacks which can be  
helpful. They also have patterns/ songs internal storage and for  
storing those externally, why it is done via a *cassette tape* of  
course! :-) And apparently, the circuit bender crowd have picked up  
on the RZ-1, as well....

Ye can sometimes find these units for cheap at used gear shops,etc. I  
saw one here in Ptld not all that long ago for only $79 and they are  
fairly chunky in size and built like a tank.


Rev. Fever

On Aug 9, 2010, at 8:01 AM, Rick Walker wrote:

> toejampc@gmail.com wrote:
>> I love the cheesy beats and analog sounds of the old Univoxes.
>> No way to use anything like those, I guess.
> Well, for what it's worth,   I have  20 pre-digital drum machines  
> in my collection
> and I've collated a selection of good quality samples of all the  
> major drum machine sounds
> from history as well as hundreds of samples of other electronic and  
> acoustic drums as well as percussion.    It's taken
> me over 20 years to put this collection together and I sell a DVD  
> of those sounds
> for a mere $25 if anyone is interested.
> With a phenomenal virtual drum machine (and DAW) like FL Studio Pro  
> (formerly Fruity Loops)
> you cannot own a better drum machine.
> Let me know off list if anyone is interested in owning that  
> collection.
> Rick Walker