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Software vs Hardware loopers

This is rehashing an old topic. I found a big thread from 2003 or so  
comparing Ableton Live and Hardware loopers, and recent threads  
discussing Ableton bugs, latency and glitches. If this has been  
discussed recently, please give me the thread title and I'll read it.

Ableton has come a long way since then. I know some of you are using  
it. Is Live 8 ready for the stage? How does it stack up with EDPs and  
LP1s. I've always had an aversion to using computers on the stage, but  
I have to admit I was pretty impressed with the videos that I've been  

I'm going to have a learning curve with whatever I decide to go with.  
LP1, EDP, or Ableton. If someone is getting into live looping now,  
which platform is the best?