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Re: Software vs Hardware loopers

not specific to ableton but now that I've integrated a computer into
my setup, I'll probably never go back. plus möbius is such an
incredible looping tool...like an edp on steroids.

On Friday, August 13, 2010, Philip <toejampc@gmail.com> wrote:
> This is rehashing an old topic. I found a big thread from 2003 or so 
>comparing Ableton Live and Hardware loopers, and recent threads 
>discussing Ableton bugs, latency and glitches. If this has been discussed 
>recently, please give me the thread title and I'll read it.
> Ableton has come a long way since then. I know some of you are using it. 
>Is Live 8 ready for the stage? How does it stack up with EDPs and LP1s. 
>I've always had an aversion to using computers on the stage, but I have 
>to admit I was pretty impressed with the videos that I've been seeing.
> I'm going to have a learning curve with whatever I decide to go with. 
>LP1, EDP, or Ableton. If someone is getting into live looping now, which 
>platform is the best?
> Philip