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Re: Drum machine

Im relatively happy with the Boss Dr Groove or DR202, as it more commonly known.

Sounds.. it has many, 256 different drum sounds of which about 50 are "bass" sounds.

Good things: It has realtime filter tweaking, res and cutoff, and decay setting. you can mute each instrument seperatly from one window, nice for improv.. drum kits can be user built wit any combination of sounds (you could have a kitr with nothing but cowbells if you want.. each sound can be pitched, altered in volume, decay etc.
It has TWO built in sequencers. One using the in built "bass-synth>" that is OK, and polyphonic. and one that sends to an external synth of YOUR choosing. So you could pretty much use this and one module to do all your minimal techno needs... Personally I use this sequencer to control my EDP in synch with the drums...

Bad Things: A bit of a pig to program, cluncky step programming, hellish realtime programing. You have to STOP it to go into record, so you cant just decide mid improvisation, I need a snare hit on the 7th beat.. nope... you have to stop it. It has like.. um 600 preset patterns, and like er.. 100 user patterns... like you need all those presets.. horrible, and it always boots to tune 1.. a horrible hip hop thing with a nasty cowbell, so you hear THAT one alot... the delay effect IS BPM dependant, but NOT if you synch it from midi.. damn!

HOWEVER... if you like tweaking, you can make crazy kits with every sound pitched wildly, long booming 808 bass drums and harsh distorted clicks etc...

Best thing about them...? Check Ebay  maybe 200 dollars ??... saw some for 20 dollars too.. but auction not over!


On Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 4:46 AM, Philip Meyers <toejampc@gmail.com> wrote:
What are some drum machines that are popular with loopers.

Something I can sync with a Looperlative and is easy to program is my main concern. 

I like the way that different channels can be effected differently with the TR909, but at 1200 dollars a pop, I don't think I will be getting one of those. 

Any other ideas?


mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe