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Re: Drum machine/ loops with(out) feedback control

Rick Walker wrote:
> though I appreciate the use of feedback in many loopers 
> performances that I still haven't run out of ideas using the mere 
> stacking and processing and dubbing of static, feedback-less parts (my 
> brother, Matthias Grob is now rolling in his grave,  and he's still 
> living).

There are actually very few people who use the feedback
control when playing rhythmic material.
Perhaps because it's all too easy for it to go 
out of time and sound bad, especially as the loop length gets

Generally I only use feedback control in a couple of situations

1) overdubbing swells onto a rhythmic loop till it disappears
2) quickly dipping the feedback while adding a short overdub
3) of course, it's handy for fade outs too.