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Re: drum machine

@ billbrig   

Yeah,  the TR 909 has become de riguer for the techno folks and the TR 
808 (which had analogue sounds) and preceeded it
has become de riquer for the hip hop crowd.      Ironically,  the TR 707 
never has made an impact on modern music.

for what it's worth,  I have all the sounds from the 909 and the 808 in 
that sample collection I offered.
In that collection, however,  I did not organize them by specific drum 
machine but, rather,  organized them
by kinds of sounds............as an example I have a folder called 
Analogue Backbeats and inside that folder I have
folders with timbral and envelope organizations of different snare drum 

@ rev feever

   thanks for mentioning the Casio sampling machine......I want to get one!

@  per boysen

thanks for mentioning the iDrum,   I've not had anything to recommend to 
my students who are only on Macs.
Is it a freeware plug?

@ rainer         Actually,  I"m a monster fan of what Matt Davignon does 
with his drum machine work.
What is wonderful about it, however, is not the drum machine he uses 
(which is fairly prosaic as drum machines go)
but how creatively he processes sounds so that it sound specifically 
different from the stock sounds that come with it.
If you guys have not purchased any of his drum machine records,  I 
highly recommend them.    I like them all but
I fell in love with BWOO.

So perhaps I should have said that I think that Fruity Loops is the most 
versatile drum machine and has the most options
for tweaking sounds so that they sound individualistic and 'fresh'.

bill bigrig wrote:
> Howdy,
>  I bought my TR-909 brand new, with waratee, for $299 when Roland 
>remaindered them, just like the MV-30 for $699. I was universally 
>ridiculed for buying a machine that didn't sound like "real" drums,(the 
>707 had just come out). I didn't care, it was all I could afford. Fast 
>forward 15 years and all the technos & rappers were using them. I was 
>lucky. Still am. I wish you could get one for that price. You might want 
>to check out the DJX-II. IT has a LOT of 909 on it. If you're into 
>techno, it has a lot more.
> Rig