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RE: Windows 7 issues/

Ah, thanks for the clarification!

I think I made that assumption incorrectly since I am using Adobe Premiere
CS5 which is a native 64-bit application and I knew it was specifically
optimized for 64-bit systems. 

Looking back, I see that the previous version (Premiere CS4) was also
optimized for 64-bit operating systems even though that version was not
actually a native 64-bit application.

-Nathan Lang

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Nathan Lang schrieb:
> One thing I don't think anyone mentioned yet is that in order to fully 
> take advantage of the 64-bit operating system you should run 64-bit 
> applications whenever possible. Most programs will still be 32-bit.and 
> they will still work quite well of course.But applications that are 
> 64-bit are best, and will take full advantage of all your CPU cores 
> and RAM in a 64-bit system.
There is no relationship between an application being 64bit and its use 
of multi-core/multiprocessor architectures.
One thing to note, however, is that pre-Windows 7 versions of Windows 
will lead to reduction in performance running hyperthreading-enabled 
cpus (such as Gulftown, Lynnfield, Bloomfield an Clarksdale), so if 
you're running Vista or XP, other processors (e.g. Arrandale) may 
perform faster with non-multicore apps although "by spec" they should be 

The newer architectures (Nehalem and followups) also enhance on running 
non-multicore apps via their frequency binning - also worth noticing.

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