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OT: Mystery keyboard audio interface

Hello all,

Another frustrating evening in Mobius / Live (again saved by Per... why cant he just be a 25 hour call center.. oh.. wait.. HE IS!!! Thx Per)..

Now , me running a odd setup, for my pedal Im going into an old midiman 2x2 midi interface, and for audio into an MAudioOzone.. now the ADVANTAGE of the Ozone is that I have some knobs and a keyboard available in Live.. the disadvantage is that there is no midi IN.. I know.. odd. So I cannot plug the FCB1010 into it and have all external stuff on 1 USB, I must use 2 sockets, therfor no more USB for a mouse, (and I HATE to use the trackpad).

So looking for a new Soundcard/keyboard/midi interface IN ONE SOLUTION. And I saw one... flash past one surfing evening.. but have completely forgoton who made it. Here is a description.

It was BLACK, its keys ( I think 3 octaves, or 2.5) were ALL THE WAY OUT TO THE EDGE, of the enclosure, no framework taking ups space.. and (prob biggest clue) it had a pair of kind old fashioned VU meters, for the audio in levels.

Anyone recognize this mother? And If so, have opinions on it...

I was attracted to it, mostly for Feng Shui reasons I admit..


mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe