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Re: boss loop station announce

Given that there are so many live looping solutions that compete  (and in my estimation, successfully) with
the Boss line of products and  given the number of world class live looping artists who don't even use Boss gear,
I think it's a little presumptuous to call the finals of this competition an " international championship".

Something tells me that Boss' marketing team would not be open to hosting a true and fair international competition
for live looping that included loopers (and judges) using other manufacturers of live looping gear, both hardware
and software.

Am I being over sensitive here or does this sentiment resonate with anyone else here?


That kvetch  said and done,  I don't mean to be merely negative:

I truly really wish the very best of luck to everyone from this list who enters the contest.
I hope you do really well.

rick walker

Boss Loop Station World Championship
First prize is $3,000 in Boss gear and a trip to the international championship at Winter NAMM 2011.