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Re: Boss "International Championship" [SIC]....

i knew someone would figure out a way to make good use of the publicity!  Pretty cool.  

On Aug 13, 2010, at 10:41 AM, Rick Walker wrote:

F*ck,   you are a genius!!!!    Great suggestion.    Let's do it!    Seriously,   let's do this everyone.

Dustbunnies wrote:

Well then, here's an idea...


It's a public contest.  All the videos are made available on YouTube. Also, somebody on the judging committee at Boss is going to have to screen these entries.

Let's add some Art into their commerce.  Here's how:

Enter the contest, but *PAY NO ATTENTION* to the restriction on Boss-only loopers.  Post all the great music you've made using your Looperlative, your EDP, your JamMan, DL4, M9/M13, EHX SMM, 2880, DD-20, Loop Junky, old tape delays, Mobius/Sooperlooper/Live/Mainstage/Logelloop/Freewheeling.... WHATEVER.

This is even easier for those of you that already have videos on YouTube: simply copy your existing videos, re-label them according to guidelines so they can be easily found by contest-seekers, and enter ALL of them into the contest.

Put some notes on the video stating that this is a protest against Boss' marketing, and point the viewers back here to LD if they want to learn more about Looping.  Use this as a vehicle for positive education.  Use this to promote Loopers-Delight!!!

Somebody *will* watch.  It may be a potential listener or fan.  It may be another musician scanning through the entries, in which case you can help open them up to new possibilities for what can be done. Additionally, the Boss judges will have to screen the entries, and perhaps they'll finally start to pay attention.

We can send a message to Boss Marketing that they don't own Looping, that this contest is by no means an "international championship", and that there are thousands of people out there making great Looping music.  Some of these people use Boss products.  Some use other products and tools in their art.  But WE, THE ARTISTS, ARE THE ONES WHO MAKE THE MUSIC and WE ARE THE ONES WHO DEFINE THE FIELD -- not some group of clueless marketing hacks with an advertising budget trying to shill a product.

Send a message.  Tools don't make great music.  People do.

There's some incredible talent in this community, and lots of great people.

Let's show them!