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Re: Re: Boss "International Championship" [SIC]....

Hey all, I like the idea of doing our own thing w/ the contest, I did 
enter  it w/ my old rc-2, but I have been using an LP1 for the last 8 
months, with great pleasure (it's, of course, so far above, any of the 
boss line) and I was a bit frustrated at the limitation.  Though anyone 
can see it's a silly marketing strategy on Boss's part, *one* thing I did 
apreciate about the contest was that it was Free to enter, and as a full 
time musician,  my funds are pretty low.   But I am exited by all your 
energy out there and think I will 'hedge my bets' so to speak and put one 
up using my LP1.  Hope you're all doing great out there! Steve Uccello 

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From: Stephen Goodman <spgoodman@earthlight.net>
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Date: Fri, Aug 13, 7:17 PM +0100
Subject: Re: Re: Boss "International Championship" [SIC]....

Actually this 'contest' reminds me too much of the "Born on the Web" 
"competition" that Real did, back in 1997 or so.  After all the free 
stumping a lot of us did for RealAudio, you'd have expected better (unless 
one was used to dealing with music biz execs): One could only enter the 
thing if you had persuaded your ISP to buy RealServer installations.

That wasn't 'born on the web' but in a shady used-car lot.

From: "Rick Walker" <looppool@cruzio.com>
> F*ck,   you are a genius!!!!    Great suggestion.    Let's do it! 
> Seriously,   let's do this everyone.
> Dustbunnies wrote:
>> Well then, here's an idea...
>> It's a public contest.  All the videos are made available on YouTube. 
>> Also, somebody on the judging committee at Boss is going to have to 
>> screen these entries.
>> Let's add some Art into their commerce.  Here's how:
>> Enter the contest, but *PAY NO ATTENTION* to the restriction on 
>> loopers.  Post all the great music you've made using your Looperlative, 
>> your EDP, your JamMan, DL4, M9/M13, EHX SMM, 2880, DD-20, Loop Junky, 
>> tape delays, 
>> Mobius/Sooperlooper/Live/Mainstage/Logelloop/Freewheeling.... WHATEVER.
>> This is even easier for those of you that already have videos on 
>> simply copy your existing videos, re-label them according to guidelines 
>> so they can be easily found by contest-seekers, and enter ALL of them 
>> into the contest.
>> Put some notes on the video stating that this is a protest against 
>> marketing, and point the viewers back here to LD if they want to learn 
>> more about Looping.  Use this as a vehicle for positive education.  Use 
>> this to promote Loopers-Delight!!!
>> Somebody *will* watch.  It may be a potential listener or fan.  It may 
>> another musician scanning through the entries, in which case you can 
>> open them up to new possibilities for what can be done. Additionally, 
>> Boss judges will have to screen the entries, and perhaps they'll 
>> start to pay attention.
>> We can send a message to Boss Marketing that they don't own Looping, 
>> this contest is by no means an "international championship", and that 
>> there are thousands of people out there making great Looping music.  
>> of these people use Boss products.  Some use other products and tools 
>> ARE THE ONES WHO DEFINE THE FIELD -- not some group of clueless 
>> hacks with an advertising budget trying to shill a product.
>> Send a message.  Tools don't make great music.  People do.
>> There's some incredible talent in this community, and lots of great 
>> people.
>> Let's show them!
>>     --mech.