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Re: boss loop station announce

About two months ago, just before the Boss contest press release, John  
Hernandez the west coast rep for Roland , wrote me and encouraged me  
to participate in this contest, saying he thought I had a very good  
chance of winning the thing, which was flattering, but I politely  
declined letting him know that most of the  methods i use simply could  
not be duplicated on a boss looper., and that I'm not really a contest  
guy anyway, I just could care less about the competitive nature of the  
music biz.  John and Roland donated their time and a clinician to the  
Loop Clinic I gave at Y2K8, and were willing to send their best  
clinician this year as well, though we aren't going to do a formal  
clinic after all. I understand the promotional aspect of the  
competition and I find it oddly synchronistic with the latest release  
by Digitech of not one but 3 new loopers. A bit of a diversionary   
move it seems to me.  I know that boss is poised to release another  
looper soon as well though details are sketchy.  I wish that Roland  
was not so insular in its design practices, It seems the only pros  
they bother to consult are the established name guys like Belew, most  
of which aren't doing anything nearly as sophisticated with looping as  
many members of this list.  I like Dust bunnies  idea of guerilla  
infiltration., though honestly because I like John and in spite of my  
views about Roland they do make good quality, and sometimes very  
innovative gear,  I personally would feel like I was cheating, unless  
there was a boss looper in the chain. But I don't mind calling him and  
asking him how much "processing" and by that I mean mangling with non  
boss gear could be done prior to loop creation on the boss and still  
be within the limits.  Besides from what I've seen, Juana Molina is  
gonna be pretty hard to beat the way she works 2 RC-20's....

PS Nice article in Mix,  Richard... me have gear  
envy ............dangerous gear envy...........................are you  
doing any  mastering for cyber clients yet?