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Re: Re: Software vs Hardware loopers

Yes,   Mark,    you HAVE to loop at Y2K-X and furthermore,  in real time 
if you want to perform there.

There are so many people who want to perform anywhere and there are so 
many people who
use pre-recorded loops in their live performances who want to play 
anywhere that
I have become extremely narrow on this definition for acceptance to 
perform at the loopfestival......
otherwise I would be overwhelmed with eager applicants.

It is a LIVE LOOPING Festival...............not just a looping festival 
and not a typical music festival.

If anyone performs at the festival,  they need to have LIVE LOOPING at 
the heart of their aesthetic
and performance.

I am immovable on this point.      I think I have to be.

I had a very famous act play last years festival and though,  I enjoyed 
their performances, they just
basically played over the top of pre-recorded loops.   As famous as they 
are,  they won't be playing
again this year unless they are willing to change their mode to include 
real time live looping:
Creating musical loops in real time in front of the audience.   LIVE 

respectfully,   Rick Walker  (for the Y2K-X 10th Anniversary 
International Live Looping Festival)

mark francombe wrote:
> At YK2X, Im planning the best of both worlds... normal stompboxes, and 
> laptop for looping.. if lappy goes down... I have enough glitchy, 
> delayish, pitchy, filtery, pedals, that no one will notice anyway.. in 
> fact... maybe Ill just leave the laptop at home?
> In the same way that one MUST use Boss and the Boss competition,  do I 
> HAVE to loop at YK2X?
> <http://www.looop.no>