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Re: The loop effect I'm wanting today: A smart replace

On Aug 16, 2010, at 2:20 AM, andy butler wrote:

> Mark Hamburg wrote:
>> That assumes that I want to do things on loop boundaries.
>> If I can live with working on loop boundaries, a lot of things become 
>easier. But maybe I feel that the new loop should
>> start midway through the existing cycle but eventually replace the old 
>cycle. The loop boundary in that case is somewhat arbitrary and simply an 
>artifact of the initial recording. What may matter is the loop time. I 
>could potentially explicitly change the loop start point, but that might 
>needlessly disturb any tempo clocks being generated by the looper.
> only the EDP supports changing the loopstart point,
> should be ok for generated clocks.
> Here's the howto for LP1 (I hope).
> Anyway, it *has* to be a matter of recording a new loop,
> then stopping the old.
> Next>SyncRecord>SyncRecord>Prev>StopNow>Next
> not sure if putting 2 syncrecords together will do the rounding.
> Don't have rig set up now.
> (thanks to an egomaniac canned looper kid and his dad as it happens).

Clever. Assuming SyncRecord waits until it finishes before moving to the 
next command, this would work. I need to remember that the Looperlative 
provides lots of loops to play with and the answer may well be to use more 
than one loop.

Of course, that then argues for a "Delete this loop" command so that 
everything could slide down and room could be retained at the top of the 
stack. Maybe some form of bounce. I'll have to study the options further.