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  I'd suggest this slight revision of this
cut and past paragraph to amend your letter of
protest for the LET'S HIJACK THIS CONTEST contest:


"This video is a protest against BOSS' marketing and against this contest.

An enormous Live Looping community already exists all across the
globe. In fact, there have been 70 Looping Festivals in 20 different
nations in the last 7 years alone. BOSS and their Marketing
Department have so far shown no support for any of these activities.

Many loopers do use BOSS loopers. But there are also thousands of
people making great looping music with other devices. We feel it is
presumptuous to call this an "International Looping Competition"
when it is obviously oriented only to promote BOSS products. The fact
that the contest is only open to citizens of the United States further
removes it from 'International' status.

We do not believe they are running this contest to promote Looping
and Music. Instead, we believe BOSS is sponsoring this only because
they want to sell you something.

If you are truly interested in Live Looping and genuinely wish to
learn more, please come to http://www.loopersdelight.com -- the
'Mecca' of the international Live Looping movement. We welcome
everyone and would like to roll out the red carpet, especially to
Boss RC-series Looping fans."

and heck,   please come to the

Y2K-X 10th Anniversary International Live Looping Festival
                         October 13th - 18th

As of today,  88 artists from 14 countries will be descending on Santa 
California for 6 days of performances.

Rick Walker