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Re: OT: Re: Fred Frith headstock pickup

Ted that pickup looks crazy I've never seen anything like it.

-Todd Matthews

On Aug 20, 2010, at 10:29 AM, ditch wrestler wrote:

Coming in late here, but Mark Dresser, double-bassist extraordinaire and occasional partner of Mr. Frith, has a 2nd pick-up in his bass, underneath the nut.
That way when he plays behind the string he fingers (I know there's a classical term for this technique), the sound will register.  This can be heard on his Clean Feed release, Unveil.
You can see an early version of this set-up here: http://www.mark-dresser.com/disc.html, with the pick-up suspended over the strings.  I know he's since used a system where the pick-up is under the nut and I believe he runs it through a volume pedal.
My bass pick-up can somewhat register that sound when I do that, too, but a 2nd p/u would ensure clarity. 
ted h.

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Subject: Fred Frith headstock pickup
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I couldn't find any useful information about the extra headstock pickup Fred
Frith uses sometimes. Does anyone know anything? a URL perhaps? I wonder if
this is something that could be useful for me.