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I need this communities help: Y2K-X LOOP FEST

Hi everyone,

So far, donations for this year's Y2K-X festival are running a little under
25% from previous years.

The festival this year is going to be close to twice as large.

This has been a tough recessionary year and I know things are really tight.

So,  it is not lightly that I ask if you could consider donating some funds
to help the festival come off.

The price of admission doesn't come close to covering all of my costs
and so many people are coming this year that we're going to have a hard
time raising very much money at the door.

If you have anything to give,  it will cover the costs of sleeping bags, 
and many incidental costs.

My paypal account is         looppool(at sign)cruzio(dot sign)com

Thanks a lot,

yours,   Rick Walker