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Re: I need this communities help: Y2K-X LOOP FEST

In response to this UsIt is doing a little fundraiser. We have sent $40.00
in donation so far from our "pay what you like" digital download
"Approaching", recorded live via Ninjam. I posted this on Facebook and will
be promoting it further. It isn't a lot but we do care. Gaetano and I will
meet for the first time in real life when we play the fest! Thanks Rick and
all who are involved in this massive undertaking of love!! Info below.


from my post to Facebook:

"UsIt" (Gaetano Fontanazza and Jeff Duke)
will be appearing at the Y2K10 International Live Looping Festival
http://www.y2kloopfest.com/ in October. To help support (in our small way)
this wonderful event all proceeds from any sales of our (pay what you 
digital release
"Approaching" ($40.00 so far!)... will be donated to the festival! You can
also donate directly at the festival web site. Be sure to go by our site 
get a free copy of the album anyway :), in these recessionary times they
really need help y'all!

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Subject: I need this communities help: Y2K-X LOOP FEST

> Hi everyone,
> So far, donations for this year's Y2K-X festival are running a little 
> under
> 25% from previous years.
> The festival this year is going to be close to twice as large.
> This has been a tough recessionary year and I know things are really 
> tight.
> So,  it is not lightly that I ask if you could consider donating some 
> funds
> to help the festival come off.
> The price of admission doesn't come close to covering all of my costs
> and so many people are coming this year that we're going to have a hard
> time raising very much money at the door.
> If you have anything to give,  it will cover the costs of sleeping bags, 
> transportation
> and many incidental costs.
> My paypal account is         looppool(at sign)cruzio(dot sign)com
> Thanks a lot,
> yours,   Rick Walker