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new amazing hardware looper

Hey list.

I am a long time Lexicon Jamman user by today.
I like it's
- small size and weight, superior portability
- great sound (despite 12bit) in high volume situations (round & sexy,  
never harsh or metallic)
- tolerable ground noise
- no limit to minimum loop length (like rc-50's 1.5 seconds)
- instant looping
- very easy & stable midi master/slave operation
- quality of components (no dust crackling, flawlessly working  
connectors and foot switch after 15 years)

I want to preserve ALL of those features, when thinking new hardware  

But i might also need
- several synchronous or asynchronous loops running
- ability to store loops and transfer to computer
- pitching (without timestretching algorythms active) in tape mode,  
like in boomerang (or more versatile)
- workable without large midi remote
and eventually
- fade in/out options of already recorded phrases (as in rc-50)

Does a device like this exist? What's up with the Looperlative LP-2?

Any help, also offlist, is very appreciated, thank you in advance.

- - -