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Re: splitter box/patch bay thing

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 6:26 PM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
Behringer Ultralink

Thanks Andy!

So it does do split and mix at the same time.


For each channel:
When in split mode, the pan pot cross fades the main inputs
to the channel out.

OK get that... but...

When in Mix mode, channel input is panned to main outs, and
goes direct to channel output.

When you say "panned" you dont mean in a left to right sense, more in a sent sense?

..er..but that's what the diagram shows ;-)
(not a circuit diagram, but a schematic that shows  possible routing...overcome the fear and those are
 the easiest/quickest way to find what a mixer can or can't do)

heh heh.. sorry us dyslexics soon start seeing wires where there arent and switches switching nothing... I know its not a "circuit diagram" but it aint a "flow diagram" either... its a bit of a mix. And for those that dont work in electronics, it still can be a bit of a head fuck...

One of these won't do everything that Mark asks in his diagram.

See.. I dont iunderstand that, why not.. it looks pretty good to me (except perhaps that I really need few more channels)
BTW, what happens to the stereo channel? Are the 6 monos really the only one I can use, or does the stereo chan have the same functionality, except in... er stereo.. derrr!

Sound quality is more suitable for live work
than for posh studio.

meaning its hissy? hummy, or distorty?
or the specs say so?  to the oscilloscope might show something?


It's all XLR apart from 2 channnels 0n 1/4 in jack.

Hmm thats annoying but ok, just have to spend an evening soldering...
I used one for a few years for my loop rig, after couple
of years one pan pot went a bit strange (still usable)
for a while. 

so what replaced it?



Cheers Andy, I can always rely on a good result from you, and thnks Simeon for suggestion.. Im gonna go and have a look at that...

Im in the middle of building 2 new rigs.. and stompbox/laptop rig for Y2KX and a stompbox/looper rack for a new band Im putting together. I really didnt get on with the Fireworx as a guitar effects, and its frankely a relief to get the old pedals out again, but that leaves a redundant Fireworx.. which made me think,
<cue wobbly picture as flashback happens>
"If only I could have the Fireworx as on the send on the mixer instead of wasting that good send for the loopers.. now I wonder..."
fade to white

hence all my splitter questions..

Im dreaming that Bobs secret project is a hardware 1 U mixer designed for loopers, with a mute and a group send per channel as well as 2 effect sends...


mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe