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Re: stompbox reverbs?

Well, there's lots of alternatives for a reverb or a delay or a 
tremolo/cutter thing.

Tremolo/Cutter thing: there have been a lot of positive things said 
about the Boss Slicer. It's one of their double pedals, so slightly 
bigger than two Bosses.
I played around a little with one and liked it so much that I actually 
decided to model one with my Nord Modular.
I think Rick Walker and Michael Peters are the experts for this thing 
around here.

Reverb/Delay: the EH SMM w/Hazari has delay plus some kind of fake 
reverb (which is kinda cool) - plus a looper with varispeed.
> Any recomendations for a stomp box reverb, or possibly delay... or 
> tremolo/cutter thing... I know I know.. got some space left in the 
> floorboard... small foorprint, no bigger than 2 Bosses.. 
> <http://www.looop.no>

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