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Re: stompbox reverbs?

I saw a video interview with the guys from Isis, and one of them basicly
said the RV-3 was the better pedal...

I see a lot of folks list it/recommend it but not much mention of the

> > and Per... is this thing about the Boss RV3 that they've gone and done
> > Boss usually do and released an inferior pedal? The RV5 is the latest,
> > available in my local boutique..
> I don't know. I would know if I had used them both. But that won't
> happen since I'm a laptop guy.
> > Or.. was the rumour you heard that the RV3 was... "godlike"?
> That was no "rumour". That was pure opinion from some credible folks
> that are deeply into reverb pedals played live.