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guide to programming the fcb1010 for echoplex?

Apologies in advance - I've been searching but unable to find...

At one point someone had put together a step-by-step guide for programming 
the FCB1010 for use with the Echoplex.  Can someone post or forward a link?

If I recall, there was sort of a recommended switch layout (I realize this 
is all subjective), along with the expression pedals, etc.  Even a SysEx 
file would be great!

I've had the Echoplex (Loop iv version) and the FCB1010 (uno version) for 
a while, but unfortunately they've been packed away in a box.  I finally 
have time to set them up and enjoy.  I'm not a complete midi/gear newbie, 
so I think I can get through this.

I'm looking to accelerate through the technical barriers and get quickly 
to using the tools and making music/sounds.