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Re: guide to programming the fcb1010 for echoplex?

"heh heh.. i wish... mines just hanging on by the skin of its teeth..  
a dodgy switch again.. Ive had that 3 times too.. but I had a  
different take on Behringer, when I asked for part numbers, I didn't  
expect them to supply me them, I just walked 100 meters to my local  
electronics store and bought 3 switches... sucked some solder, and  
popped in some new ones!!
Easy as pie!"

   It didn't even occur to me at the time that perhaps i could source  
the parts, now I have to get in touch with them again to get the  
list...I think Homer Simpson said it best....Doh! i still have two off  
them, the one in better condition is in the hands of a friend, and the  
other one is languishing in my garage with a couple of hinky switches  
and a squeaky cc pedal, at the very least  I'll see if i can source  
the right parts.  I don't own a soldering tool which is something I  
need to invest in. They sent me an entire list of parts with no  
descriptions other than numerical part numbers, and I think the fact  
that it was going to require detective work on my part was the final  
nail in the coffin for looking in to investing more money in a better  
pedal. Also perhaps Behringer Europe is more user friendly that  
Behringer in the US, as far as customer service goes.