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Re: OT: portable audio recorders

  I think the Olympus DS10 has it all over the Zoom 2.
It's really solidly built, has 2 gigs of memory onboard but will
accept hella large SC cards.   (I keep 2 4 gig cards around for this 
it's very small and it has the ability to either USB into a computer or
you have the use of a card reader for the SD cards.  I think the onboard
condenser microphones sound really pretty good (vastly better than, say
a typical video camera mic) but it also has the ability to use offboard
mics (just mini stereo plugs however).

That being said , I rue the day that I got it, because my brother just 
spent 3 bills
and bought the amazing Zoom Q3 which has all these features plus HD video
capabilities for only about $50 more in price.

Buy the Q3 and then you can really document everything, not to mention the
wondrous Boss Looping Competition video that you all need to make
with non-Boss products (wink)

rick walker