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Re: OT: portable audio recorders

Jeff Duke schrieb:
> I am looking to replace my aging Sony 702 mini disk recorder (still 
> works). Anyone have a recommendation? Budget minded so I was looking 
> at the Zoom H2. I would use it for field recordings and grabbing live 
> gigs on the fly. After reading mixed reviews I thought to ask here for 
> hands on experience.
I have the Zoom H2. Three things that suck:
    1) no level adjustment for the line in before the converters
    2) the mic sensitivity switch has three positions. The lowest 
sensitivity is already too sensitive when trying to record an acoustic 
jazz trio.
    3) you need to set date/time info again every time you exchange 

Apart from that, it works fine, really.

So due to (2) aboove, you might have problems with the "live gig" use case.


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